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Vaginismus – How to Get an Orgasm as a Woman?


Do you know what is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is more common in women after menopause, younger women can also experience it if their body does not secrete enough estrogen.

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The first time that Isabel Rosa had sex, at age 21, it was not pleasant at all. At that time he did not care. I thought that the physical pain of vaginal penetration would be minimized with practice. But it was not like that. Currently, she is 35 years old and not only can she not enjoy intimacy, but she can not reach orgasm either.

“I learned to live with pain,” said the woman, who said it has been the same with the different couples she has had.

Rosa Rivera experiences a medical condition known as vaginismus, which is the narrowing that occurs in the vaginal canal due to the insufficiency of the hormones that produce lubrication and which, consequently, inhibits the pleasure that leads to orgasm, explained the sexologist.

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Vaginismus and anorgasmia go hand in hand. Vaginismus is a pain in the intimate relationship because changes begin to emerge in the woman and the vaginal canal begins to narrow. Apart from the fact that lubrication begins to diminish because we do not have the necessary hormones in the body and when not supplying them externally, the vaginal part begins to dry out. What does this mean? Obviously, if it hurts I will not have an orgasm, “said the expert on sexuality.

“Most cases occur when menopause begins to appear, but it does not necessarily occur through menopause, because not all systems are the same; not all anatomies are the same. There are young women who do not secrete as much hormone as another woman, who is maybe 50 years old and lubricates excellent, “he said.

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Vaginismus lies in how much hormone the woman can secrete. I have had cases of 18-year-old girls with chronic vaginismus, “he added. Other reasons for intimate pain may be the inverted uterus, low bladder and menstruation if sex is practised in those days. The size of the penis can also be painful for her if it is very large and her vaginal canal is very narrow, he added.

Physical and emotional attention

Cintron pointed out that early detection is important to address it before it becomes a major problem, physically, but also emotionally. That is one of the reasons why he insisted on the importance of exploring and knowing the body well so that when changes are perceived in the same go to the gynaecologist immediately and his specialist in sexuality issues, looking for answers and treatment.

He pointed out that it is precisely the gynaecologist who diagnoses vaginismus and who, by analyzing hormones, identifies the substances that must be levelled.

The sexologist, on the other hand, works the aspect of intimacy to lead the female to a pleasant sexual life and the emotional aspect of the patient and her partner.

” There are external hormones that can begin to treat, and not only the hormones, if you are going to have an intimate relationship there are vaginal lubricants so that this narrowing channel begins to lubricate and begins to reach the ideal size so that this does not arise. vaginismus, “he explained.

In these cases, it is recommended to work with strengthening the muscles of the vagina using Kegel exercises. And as for lubricants, favoured those that are formulated based on water because those that are composed of silicone, over time, can even resect the area, lacerate and aggravate vaginismus.

Cintron pointed out that pain in sex does not allow a woman to be aroused enough to climax. That’s when anorgasmia occurs. However, he emphasized that all women have the ability to have an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris, G-spot or vaginal friction.

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However, he noted that for some it is more difficult to experience the last two. ” To the extent that I can have lubrication and my libido to the fullest, that will assure me that I can have an orgasm through penetration, but not necessarily all women can have an orgasm with male penetration,” he said.

He mentioned that mostly those who can not have an orgasm contain some psychological situation such as problems of insecurity or trust with the couple, lack of love or some other personal conflict.

“Scientifically it has been proven that 85% of people who suffer from anorgasmia is because it possibly has a psychological condition,” he argued.

On the other hand, he said that it is common for some women to have an orgasm with the help of a vibrator and not through penetration. However, he reiterated that all women can get to have it by the three mentioned routes if they obtain the necessary stimulation through pre-intercourse games or foreplay.

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