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Do You Want a Multiple Orgasm? 6 Tips to Get It

Multiple Orgasm

What are the Multiple Orgasms? How is it given?

The multiple orgasms is a very interesting topic, which many people are curious about. However, it is more possible than you think. The multiple orgasms are the sequence of orgasms one after the other, does not mean that you will feel many orgasms at the same time. They are orgasms that pass from one to another without having to go through the resolution stage. This is a phenomenon as possible in women as in men. Of course, it is easier for women, since men always think that orgasm is associated with ejaculation. So men, first of all, take off the idea that orgasm is the same as ejaculation. It is the ejaculation that achieves the sexual discharge and the one that makes it reach the resolution part.

Did you know that women can come to feel at least 4 different types of orgasms? Do not stop reading this complete guide to the types of female orgasms and how to achieve them

Is there more excitement or pleasure when this happens, than when it is a common orgasm?

That’s right, the excitement is extremely high. Imagine a common orgasm Do you already have it? Well, now imagine that that orgasm goes one after the other. Cool!

Surely you have heard or read about our ability to have multiple orgasms. We are privileged in it, unlike men. Good for us. The only discouraging thing is that one does not always know how to reach the powerful and multiplied climax.

If it is assumed that – as it is asserted several years ago – only one-third of women achieved orgasm, how would we do to get two or three or four times what already slips from our hands? As with everything that is worth it: it takes work, effort and ingenuity.

How to achieve multiple orgasms?

Having orgasms, again and again, is wonderful. In any meeting, if everything goes well, you can enjoy at least a couple of these delicious peaks.

Try these tactics that, with practice, will lead to multiple orgasm.

Do not think too much: It sounds cliché, but really with some questions, it is better not to think too much. You do not have conditions to have a sexual relationship with a multiple orgasm, so it does not work. That alone will make you feel more nervous or stressed. Enjoy the whole process (the previous ones, the caresses, the kisses), do not think only about the end.

Vibrator at hand: They are not called “dildos”, forget that word for this little friend. The vibrators do not relieve your sorrows; they help you to obtain pleasure. There are different types – clitoral, vaginal, uterine – and they are a great and very good source of stimulation. Of course, it is not forbidden to use them with your partner. Encourage yourself to use some together.

Combine techniques: Whether you are yourself or your partner who is giving you pleasure, do not work alone in one area and nothing more than one way. This is: they can use fingers, lips and carry them by different parts of the body.

Attentive to the rhythm: By having an orgasm our clitoris is highly sensitive to contact. If we try to manipulate it immediately for the sake of multiple pleasure, it will most likely hurt. Wait a few seconds to restart – as long as you can concentrate around the vulva or in the vagina. The second orgasm will come faster than the first because your clitoris will be more stimulated.

Breathing: At the peak of pleasure, try to breathe slowly and deeply a few times. This helps to relax and enhance much more the pleasure you are feeling. Also, try taking the tension that is concentrated in the pelvic area towards the tips of your feet and hands.

Test yourself: Before anyone else, you should be the one who knows your body best. Do you really know what you like and how you like it? Well, find out, masturbating. Masturbation in addition to giving us pleasure works to know the most effective ways in which we can achieve an orgasm.

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