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What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Failure, Transplant, Ayurvedic Treatment

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Failure, Transplant, Ayurvedic Treatment

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Kidney Failure Symptoms

When the kidneys stop working, then there are many symptoms in the body. However, many of the symptoms of some symptoms are very unclear. These symptoms grow at such a slow pace that patients often do not pay attention to them and proper treatment is not done at the right time.

Our attitude towards kidneys that control blood, water, food balance and balance, blood pressure, blood cells and minerals is negligent. If urination is not desired, do not go to the toilet, drink not enough water, excessive salt and excessive consumption of alcohol can make both of our kiddies sick.

Some organs of the body are very important because only the whole body system runs through them, one of which is the kidney. Kidney i.e. kidney which is very important and fragile like other parts of the body, due to their disintegration, the condition of the whole body worsens, therefore it is necessary to take special care of them. As today’s progress is increasing, the number of people suffering from kidney disease is increasing. While adopting many small things, kidney disease can be prevented.

Kidneys are of the size of the fist of human beings. It is found on either side of the spinal cord. Kidneys play an important role in maintaining health. The most important work of these is to filter the blood and to remove the bad substances from the body in the form of urine and maintain the balance of the body. Kidney cleanses the blood and excludes it from bad substances, creatinine, urea, potassium, poisonous substances and more water than required. When kidneys cannot get rid of excess water available in the blood, then blood pressure increases due to it, and the heart has to work more.

Three hormone renin, erythropoietin and calcitrate from the kidneys. Renal secretion occurs when blood pressure is normal. Erythropoietin stimulates the elements of blood, it is very necessary to make blood. Calistrien maintains calcium and chemical balance in the bones. Normally, he makes the body healthy by making 1 to 2 litres of urine out of 24 hours. For any reason, if a kidney stops working or one has to be lost in an accident, the other kidneys of the person handle the full task and keep the body healthy by not being weak.

What is Kidney Failure

The main function of the kidney in the body is purification. But when both kidneys are unable to do their normal work due to any disease in the body, then this condition is called kidney failure.

How to know

Checking the amount of creatinine and urea in the blood can be detected by kidney function. By the way, the ability of the kidney is higher than the body’s requirement, so even if there is a slight loss to the kidney, then there is no malfunction in the blood test. When the disease causes more than 50 per cent of the kidney damage, then the amount of urea and creatinine is displayed in blood tests.

Kidney’s special relationship is with the heart, lungs, liver and spleen. Most heart and kidneys work together in mutual cooperation. Therefore, when someone has heart disease, his kidney also worsens and when the kidney worsens then that person’s blood pressure increases and that person gradually becomes weak. The number of kidney patients is increasing day by day is. The main reason for this is the long-term use of English medicines in our diseases like heart disease, asthma, breathing, tuberculosis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Kidney Deteriorating Habits

  •     If you do not have urine, then the kidney can get worse.
  •     Drinking water in small quantities keeps the kidney at risk.
  •     Eating too much salt can also worsen the kidney.
  •     If you have high blood pressure and if you carelessly in its treatment then its direct effect is on your kidney.
  •     Irritable care of sugar also affects the kidney.
  •     Eating a large amount of meat can cause the kidney to weaken.
  •     Taking pain medicines constantly is very harmful to the kidneys.
  •     Drinking excessive alcohol leads to loss of kidneys along with the liver.
  •     Do not relax in the required amount after work, there is a bad effect on the kidney.
  •     Drinking an excessive amount of dry drinks and soda can result in your kidney failure.

Kidney Failure Symptoms

  •     If you are continuously vomiting, your kidney may get worse.
  •     Not applying hunger is a sign of kidney damage.
  •     Feeling tiredness and weakness also signals kidney weakness.
  •     If you are having frequent discomfort for sleeping, then it is a symptom that the kidney is damaged.
  •     Decreased amount of urine also indicates that the kidney is bad.
  •     Facing the brain with difficulty or not able to understand something is also a sign of kidney weakness.
  •     Stretching and convulsions in muscles is an indication of kidney damage.
  •     Inflammation of the feet and ankles is also a symptom of kidney failure.
  •     The problem of continuous itching is to treat kidney weakness.
  •     Having heartwater in the heart, chest pain is a major symptom of your kidney damage.
  •     High blood pressure, which is difficult to control, then your kidney may become weak.

You would have understood the keenness of the kidneys. Therefore, do not care negatively about kidney-related matters and if you feel the kidney problem, then save your kidneys without any delay in the home remedies, lifestyle changes and contact with the doctor. After the kidney failure, the balance of the whole body will be out of control and your cheeks will soon cheat.

Obesity is the biggest cause of kidney failure; Kidney Failure Symptoms appear in the beginning

The number of kidney patients is increasing day by day because of lifestyle changes and due to bad eating habits. Do you know that about eight and eight million people die every year due to kidney diseases? Incorrect lifestyle and diet affect your kidney very badly, due to which the kidney does not filter properly. When the blood is not properly filtered, then the waste products and toxic elements present in the blood harm the kidneys and other organs. Kidney or kidneys are two organisms of bean-shaped at both ends of the spinal cord, called kidneys. A large part of the body’s blood passes through the kidneys. Millions of nephron tubes present in the kidneys filter blood by purifying them. They send different parts of the blood as urine. In the early stages of kidney disease, it is not known and it is so dangerous that the kidney takes the form of forgery.


Chronic Kidney Disease affects almost 10% of the world’s population at some point in time. This disease causes heavy losses to the kidneys, due to which the patient has to lose his or her life many times or have to work a lifetime through a kidney. According to Pan India report, obesity has been found in India in more than 50 per cent of cases of kidney diseases. Many people are not fat with their body but their stomach is exhausted. The biggest cause of chronic kidney disease is that of stomach obesity. In fact, symptoms of kidney disease arise when the kidneys are 60 to 65 per cent of the damaged. Therefore it is also called a silent killer.

Due to Diabetes and Blood Pressure

Diabetes and blood pressure are the major causes of kidney failure. 30 to 40 per cent of diabetics have bad kidney stones. About 50 per cent of these patients is those who are diagnosed with this disease for a long time and then have to get transplant dialysis or a kidney transplant. Chronic Kidney Disease cannot be completely cured by any treatment. Treatment of the above diseases in the last stage is possible only with dialysis or kidney transplantation.
Initial symptoms

Swelling of the body
Decreased amount of urine
Protein or bleeding in the urine to be jealous.
Lack of hunger and grief.
Lack of blood in the body and increased blood pressure.

What is a Kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant in kidney transplant is implanted in a patient’s body by the donor or donor. After this there is no need for dialysis. Nowadays the results of the kidney transplant have become quite good. The donor’s kidney from the other blood group can also be implanted to the patient through methods like Plasma Exchange, Rituximab, IGI etc. This is called ABO Intangible Transplant. If kidney transplant patients take some precautions, then they can lead a good life like consuming drugs from time to time. Keep checking from time to time with infection prevention. In this case, patients can live a normal life even in case of kidney disease.

What is an ayurvedic treatment for a kidney?

Kidney Dialysis has become a common problem today. Although there may be several reasons for kidney damage, people who often ignore them. If you talk about the treatment of this disease, then about 90 per cent of people go to English medicine and treatment. Whereas treatment is available for Ayurveda for kidney dialysis. Patients have to stay on dialysis when the kidney is damaged, whereas in Ayurveda there are such medicines that not only protect kidney patients from going on dialysis but also get rid of dialysis.

In a research paper published in the Indo-American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, such formulas of Ayurveda have been mentioned. This research has been published in recent days regarding ‘Neeri KFT’ made from five herbs on Ayurvedic formula. Neeri KFT has been constructed from Gokhuru, Varun, Partha Purura, Vaishnavad and Punarnava. Recycling is effective in reviving kidney damaged cells again. Therefore, the use of this Ayurvedic formula is increasing nowadays.

The Department of Ayurveda of Banaras Hindu University also undertook a thorough study of the effect of Ayurvedic formula of Neri KFT. According to this, the use of neiKFT is increasingly being controlled in kidney patients by the heavy elements, metabolic byproducts such as catenin, urea, protein intake. The overall functioning of the kidney has seen rapid improvement. Those kidneys which were less damaged, have seen improvements. Professor K. N. Dwivedi said that Ayurveda formulas may be the option of kidney dialysis.

Meanwhile, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences has also claimed in research that if the Ayurvedic formulations of kidney health-enhancing methods are used, then dialysis can be avoided to a large extent. According to the WHO, by 2025, 18 per cent of the world’s men and 21 per cent of women in India will be in the grip of obesity. They would then be most prone to kidney diseases. Therefore, people will have to avoid these dangers by improving their lifestyle. To prevent kidney disease, WHO has also advocated for the promotion of kidney donation to save alternative remedies and bad kidney patients.

When is the advice of kidney transplant

” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]If you have a kidney problem, then the doctor will talk to you for many kinds of abstinence. In the early stages of kidney failure, you will be asked to control your doctor’s ball pressure, restrain the proteins in the diet, reduce salt, and so on. This will prevent your kidney failure, but it will slow down. If your kidney has failed, then it has two solutions. The first kidney transplant is done. The second is done dialysis regularly. Dialysis is done once a week in which blood is cleaned. This is done on a regular basis. There is another type of dialysis that we call CAPD. These are home dialysis. In this, the stomach is cleaned by applying a catheter. The facility of a kidney transplant is currently being done in most of the cities. This is a better treatment than dialysis. Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, the expert talking about this.

Such Prevention for Kidney Failure

It is said that the disease is better than being treated that it should not be given to it. By following some suggestions, you can avoid kidney-related diseases …

Take enough liquids

Healthy people should drink water and fluid daily for two to four litres of water. On the contrary, those who are suffering from kidney disorders, they should consume water and other fluids in consultation with the kidney specialist (Nephrologist). Eating a sufficient amount of fluids helps the kidneys to take out sodium, urea and other harmful substances from the body.

Take less Protein

When the kidney becomes weak, then the level of urea and other harmful elements in the body increases. To reduce this level, consumption of protein should be reduced. Protein is found in paneer, pulses, beans, soya bean and carnivorous food items.

Reduce Salt Intake
Salt should reach 5 grams (one teaspoon) of salt daily in the body through various food and beverages. Do not take more salt than this. Do not add salt separately in food panels.

Avoiding smoking
Smoking slows down blood flow in the kidneys. When low blood reaches the kidney, it can not function properly. Smoking also increases the risk of kidney cancer by 50 per cent to reduce your blood pressure, take the medication with the help of a doctor.

Keep yourself fit

Do the usual intensity exercises like jogging, cycling or swimming at least five times a week. Yogasana-Pranayama in consultation with Yoga Expert. Even if kidneys have become completely depleted, even with the help of dialysis and kidney transplant, the sufferer can lead a normal life.

When Kidney Failure Fails, Then These Three Methods Can Be Saved.

Imagine that your mind is hotly drinking tea and you have prepared it fast in a typical domestic manner. The problem is that the cup is also tea, but the strainer holes can not be squeezed due to the complete choke. Done not bad mood Ganayat is that you can clean and wash the sieve by rubbing the sieve, but if there is such a problem in natural holes in the body then regret or waiting for their replacement, except for pain and medication, There is no way left. This pair of small-handed chestnuts is called a kidney and its job is to take out unwanted-harmful elements from the body and send the right things back to the body.

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, there is a great increase in the cases of kidney failure today. This situation is not only in India but all over the world. The relief is that they are being resolved to a great extent by the latest medicines and treatment methods. Even transplantation has been made possible in Mismatched Kidney Transplant and people with age and people with HIV.

What are the reasons

A major cause of kidney failure is the increase in the number of patients in diabetes. High blood pressure, kidney transfusion (glomerulonephritis), a formation of stones and excessive use of painkillers are also factors.
Two treatment options

When the kidney is damaged, there are two options for its treatment, whether it is on the oral dialysis or kidney transplantation. The process of dialysis is quite expensive.

Better defence
It is better that we avoid kidney disease.
If the patient has high blood sugar, then control it. Keep Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1C, which tells the condition of blood sugar control for the last three months) to 6 to 7 per cent.
Keep blood pressure in control. I.e. around 120-80.
Avoid medicinal drugs. Such as painkillers.
If there is any kidney-related problem, then consult the kidney specialist soon (Nephrologist).

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