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How often should you wash your hair

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

If you do not give many turns to when choosing a shampoo or another, change the chip. Choosing the perfect partner for your hair can get the shine, strength and cleanliness you've always wanted.

How often should you wash your hair

1 The frequency of washing?

If you have a hair more oily, you live around a lot of pollution or work out every day, there is no danger to wash hair daily. If, however, your hair is dry (I have curly or dyed), or live in the country or in a place without contamination, wash your hair every two or three days is ideal.

2. Too much?

Unless you spend a boat washed, usually not too. In general, the amount equivalent to the size of a quarter is usually enough, although the length of your hair can change it.

3. water temperature?

Hot water is usually quite nice and helps to better rinse the hair but without exceeding temperature. What is recommended is to finish washing with cold water, to achieve higher brightness.

4. Shampoo expires?

Most can last two to three years. Anyway, if you wash your hair with an expired product will not be harmed. Just will not be as effective as one unexpired.

5. Colour protection is at odds with the brightness and volume?

Not at all. Many shampoos that protect the colour of your hair include "extra ingredients" for volume and brightness. If that is not enough for you, you can switch your shampoo and protector brightness and volume from time to time.

6 The frequency of use of an extra cleansing shampoo?

If you often use many hair products or go to the pool twice a week; order to make a more thorough cleaning and removing debris accumulates minerals. In case you have oily hair, you should use this type of shampoo between washes.

7 The price of shampoos hairdressers influences?

Often paid 10 € for masks or hair shampoos destroy us. Although there are companies that invest in research and development of their hair products, many others take advantage of brand or package. So beware before you charge extra on the receipt.

8 Change shampoo?

It is common to say that when some time has passed, the shampoo you use loses its effectiveness. Actually, it's not the shampoo itself, but your hair, which has become accustomed. Therefore, it is recommended to vary between two or three different types.

9. Required conditioner?

Yes, a lot. Everyone should use to prevent split ends and dry hair. As they say, every person is a world and is also applicable to hair. Although it may cost you to find, once you discover your perfect conditioner, whatever you will not loose.

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