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You Should Experience Visit Iceland At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why.

These 10 reasons to visit Iceland.

But, since perfection does not exist, I also include some reasons that will take away the desire to know this island in the North Atlantic.

Without further delay, we leave you with these reasons that will make you want to take the next plane to Iceland. Do not forget to share with your friends on social media.

Without a doubt, Iceland is one of the most spectacular countries in the world. I've never been anywhere else where visitors literally kept their mouths open at every corner. From its landscapes, through its fauna, its thermal baths or its volcanoes, Iceland does not leave anyone indifferent.

10 reasons to visit Iceland

Below list some of the reasons to visit Iceland that will make you fall in love with this incredible country. The order is somewhat random, so the numbers are really not to lose the account.

1. Amazing landscapes

In terms of landscapes, Iceland has no competition. Frozen lagoons, cliffs, mountains, canyons, beaches of impossible colors ... are some of the landscapes that you are constantly visiting the country.

2. Incredible waterfalls

One of the main attractions of Iceland is its waterfalls. Not only are there everywhere, but each of them is special. Thus, there are many, double, elevated, hidden, falling to the sea, with the legend, ... In short, a variety to satisfy any lover of waterfalls.

3. Volcanoes

Another of the characteristic elements of Iceland is its volcanoes, many of them active (as European air traffic well knows). You do not have to be an amateur volcanologist to marvel at the imposing silhouette of these jagged mountains. And in some of them, you can even circumnavigate its crater.

4. Native Fauna

Visiting Iceland you can enjoy some of the most unique animals in the world and others not so special, but omnipresent. Puffins are the most characteristic bird in the country, while Arctic swallows are found throughout the country. On the mainland, Arctic foxes are the only original terrestrial mammals. Icelandic horses are also characteristic, a small but robust species that has a trot different from any other horse in the world. However, the most abundant animal is the sheep, which circulates throughout the country during the summer.

5. Northern Lights

Although when we hear the word aurora borealis we imagine Norway in the middle of winter, in fact, all the countries in the north of the planet have the electromagnetic storms that auroras generate. Nor is it necessary to freeze at 20 degrees below zero to enjoy this show, it is enough that the sky is dark and clear and that electromagnetism does its magic. In other words, in Iceland, you will see northern lights between the end of August and April.

6. Infinite Glaciers

Iceland is not called the land of fire and ice by chance. In addition to being the home of Europe's largest glacier, it has many other extensions permanently covered with ice. And many of them can be enjoyed from the main road.

7. Fjords

The Icelandic fjords are worth knowing. Both the west and the east of the country are dotted with these sea entrances next to vertical mountains, which will leave you with your mouth open.

8. Geysers

The word geyser comes from Icelandic -Geysir they write it-, so I do not have much more to say. Some of these pressure water volcanoes can be visited easily, but others are hidden deep in the highlands.

9. Hiking

The number of natural spaces in Iceland (after all there are only 300,000 people in a territory), make it a paradise for hiking. There are routes for all tastes and levels, from long walks to trips along the sea. In other words, there is always some way to go and in many of them, you will hardly cross paths with other people.

10. Midnight Sun

If the aurora borealis is spectacular because of the light show it offers, the midnight sun provides tremendous energy. Besides being a strange sensation, when it is daytime you will never have time to do things. Of course, it can be a bit annoying for those who have trouble sleeping.

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