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How to eat Flax seed / Flax seeds benefits

The linseed flax can be used as a whole or oil. The linseed flax can be used as a whole or oil. The nutrients present in it help in the problem of change in mind and behaviour in the problem of menopause in women.

Flaxseed Nutrition

It contains antioxidant properties. In linseed, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, vitamin B, E. potassium and magnesium get.

Flax seeds benefit

Use of linseed is beneficial in weight control, digestive fit, cancer, diabetes, constipation problem. Dissociation of toxicity from the body by eating whole linseed (detoxification).

How to eat Flax seed / Flax seeds benefits

Flax seeds Use:

Taking a spoonful roasted whole linseed can be avoided by the hair, lifeless skin, allergies, pimples. Use it with the advice of a doctor who is allergic to the use of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Anorexia with Eating Disorder

It is possible for anorexia to eat food at regular times for girls. Eating Disorders, which include Anorexia nervous, Bulimia nervous, and binge eating disorder. These are psychological disorders, which affects eating habits. The effect of anorexia nervous is seen in a teenager in 100. The patient's weight of anorexia is less than the normal (usually below the ideal limit of 15 per cent). This problem is often seen in adolescence between adolescence. Aerobic exercises can also cause anorexia in teenagers for hours. To identify this, children's eating habits should be monitored.

Unusual habits too

A distorted body image, do not eat food on time, unusual eating habits (such as eating hundreds of calories at a time or eating nothing, frequent weight loss, insomnia, constipation, skin rashes or dryness, Cavity in teeth, loss of a toothache, hair loss and excessive exercise throughout the day.

Do not be negligent in the treatment

If an eating disorder is found then it should be treated. In this, the menstruation cycle of the girls can also mess up with weight loss. There may be later fertility problems.

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