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What Is Petroleum Jelly, Physical Properties, Chemical Formula, Chemical Structure, Ingredient For Vaseline

What is petroleum jelly, Physical properties, chemical formula, chemical structure, Ingredient for Vaseline

What is petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons which is used as ointment due to its wound healing properties. It is also called white petroleum, soft paraffin, multi-hydrocarbons. Its CAS number is 8009-03-8. Hydrocarbons present in it contain carbon number more than 25.

What is Petroleum jelly's Physical properties

Boiling point: 302 ° C
Melting point: 36 ° C to 60 ° C (depending on their type)
Flash point: from 182 ° C to 221 ° C (depending on their type)
Automatic ignition heating :> 290 ° C
Density: 0.9g / cm³
Solubility in water: Unavoidable
Vapor Pressure (at 20 ° C):

Ingredient for Vaseline

120 kg. MicroVAX .
130 Kg. – paraffin wax .
150 kg. LLP (light liquid paraffin)
100 kg. White oil
2 to 3 gm - Fragrance – rose, Vaseline, jasmine, sandal,

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Uses

All of you will have heard the name of Vaseline and you may or may not have used this experiment. The essential thing to stay with everyone in winter since childhood is Petroleum Jelly Yes, Vaseline is a semi-solid mixture made from petroleum jelly hydrocarbons, which is used as a heal for normal injury, from wound healing. It is also called white petroleum, soft paraffin and multi-hydrocarbons. Vessaline petroleum jelly capable of fixing all the problems from skin rigidity to lip breaks is a common home remedies available easily. Cold winds that run in the winter season absorb all the moisture from your skin, causing the skin to become dry and rusty. This situation is also with your lips and your ankles. In this way they need extra care. But in today's busy routine, no one has enough time to give his skin full time. In this way, Vaseline Petroleum can prove to be extremely beneficial for them. Yes, the properties present in the Vaseline not only keep moisture in the skin, but also helps in making it soft by avoiding it. This is mostly used in winter but it can be used in the summer too. Vaseline is a petrolum-based prison that is used in home remedies, cosmetics and domestic work, but do you know that there are many other uses besides this prison. With the help of which we can easily fix all our problems. Apart from this, you can also use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to fix dry, lifeless and dry skin and lips. All of you know that petroleum jelly moisturizes the skin, but do you know that there is many more uses besides skin care. Yes, to meet your incomplete information, today we are going to tell you some facts about petroleum jelly with which to help you solve your other problems easily.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Uses

Petroleum Jelly For Lips

In the winter season, only lip balm can not be spoken by lips on lips, it is also necessary to scrub the Vaseline lip on your lip. You do not need to spend a lot of money for this.Petroleum Jelly For Lips/ to make more smoother and remove drynesss. Just mix a few sugar and whistles together and scrub them on your lips. Scroll through rounding for good results. After that clean the lips and apply limbs on them. Your lips are ready to go out.

Vaseline Cracked Heels

One of the best treatments to repair torn ankles is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which fixes your ankles and softens them. For this, put a layer of Vaseline on your ankles while sleeping at night and sleep on wearing it. Oil in petroleum jelly will help to maintain moisture in your ankles, so that Adiya will remain soft for a long time.

Petroleum Jelly Uses for Skin

Petroleum Jelly Uses for Skin, the best way to repair and protect the rigid and lifeless crystals. Whose advice is given for soft hands too? For this, before going to sleep every night, massage the skin with veseline on the skin and nails around your nails, then wear gloves. The next morning you will find that your hands have become soft and nail shiny. Actually our creutes are made of some proteins like our skin and when they start losing their moisture, they start to feel stiff and tired. The thin and oily layer of Vaseline helps in maintaining moisture and also protects them from rigidity and eruption. Petroleum jelly is the most popular and better solution to rubbing the skin. Which helps in fixing rubbing due to winter running etc? Put a lot of petroleum jelly on the skin soaked for this. This will give you comfort. Very small quantities of Vaseline will help to give an effective look to your bones and your brao bones. This is the cheapest and best way to get glowing and better skin. Petroleum jelly for lips use very widely and Blackness of the elbow etc. in winter and their stutter is a common problem. But do you know that petroleum jelly can help you fix this problem too. For this, massage your body with a slight vaseline on your elbows before bedtime. This will help to soften them.

For ear pain on wearing earring:

If you do not wear earrings regularly, do not happen, whenever you wear earrings, it will prove to be painful for you. But now it will not happen because one of the uses of petroleum jelly is also this. Whenever you wear earring, then put a little bit of Vaseline in your ear hole. And after wearing the earring. This is the best way to wear irritability without pain.

petroleum jelly for hair

If you have the same problem with your hair, then take a small Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in your palms and now put it in your hair. This will help defrizze your hair. But yes, do not take Vaseline in excess; it can make your hair greasy. It can also be used for the problem of two mouth hair.

Stripped Drawers Opened

If there is such a drawar in your house too that so many efforts have been made so far, then once using the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to open that barrel. Your drawers will open easily.

Petroleum jelly for Blisters

If you also use fake eyelashes and often have trouble removing them, then understand that it will not be so. Because Vaseline also helps in removing fake lashes. For this, put a little whistle on a foil of cotton and apply it on the fake lashes. Let it be late for some time and clean it with hot water.

Red lipstick stain removal

Do your teeth often have lipstick marks? If so, do not worry. To get rid of this problem, apply some dark lipsticks on your teeth before applying any dark lipstick. These will solve the problem of lipstick stains on your teeth.

Petroleum jelly on eyebrows

Do not worry if your eyebrows are often rigged and twisted. Put Vaseline on your eyebrows and get better look.

petroleum jelly on stuck zip

If your zip is also often stuck and is not suitable even if you try? Then locate Vaseline on either side of your stuck zip, the zipper will recover itself.

Petroleum jelly fire starter

You may not even know this use of Vaseline. Yes, fire can be lit with the help of Vaseline. If you are going to camping somewhere along with your friends, then dip cotton gully into a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and burn it. This is the easiest and cheapest way to increase the fire.

Petroleum jelly for Nail Polish bottle opened

Does your Nail Polish bottle get stuck and not open? So, from now on, put a thin petroleum jelly on his neck. It helps to clean the frozen Nell Polish on the neck of the bottle, which makes it easy to open.

Petroleum jelly for Perfumes last longer

Before going anywhere and putting perfume, put some petroleum jelly on your wrist and neck. This will help keep your perfume's fragrance prolonged.

Petroleum jelly for Delete Makeup

A little petroleum jelly can help to bring your eye makeup into a few minutes. But if there is any burning or problem of any kind, then it should be cleaned immediately.

Petroleum jelly for fist of henna

Often, while applying henna in hair, Mehndi remains on our skin. To avoid this, before you apply henna in the hair, there is a possibility of wearing henna marks on the parts of your neck, forehead and skin, but put petroleum jelly. There will be no scar on your skin.

Petroleum jelly for stain fitted in purse and bag

Not only skin but Vesselne is also capable of caring for your purse and bag. If there is any scar on your backpack, then apply waxen with a wipe on it and rubbing the scar. Your bag will be cleaned as before.

Petroleum jelly for for bathing

If you want to enjoy the bath really, then mix a little salt water in the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and massage the body. Then take a bath with lukewarm water. By doing this you will feel more fresh and silky soft feeling in advance.
So these were some other uses of the Vaseline Petroleum Prison, with the help of which you can take care of anything else besides your skin.

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