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Urine Pregnancy Test Accuracy


We will check if we are pregnant with a very simple experiment, seeing the reaction to the pH of our urine with an activating product such as chlorine. Chlorine is in any home, as it is used for cleaning the house and the kitchen.

One of the simplest tests to do, which can be done at home at any time. You just have to have a little chlorine at your fingertips, which your mother will surely use for cleaning. Search the cleaning closet until you find the right bottle.

Note: Very careful when handling cleaning items, as they are quite toxic. Avoid direct contact with your hands, and of course do not even think about ingesting the product, no matter how innocuous you think it is

  1. What we need to perform the test
  2. Glass with a small amount of chlorine
  3. Glass where we will collect our own urina
  4. Once we have both glasses ready and prepared, as we see in the video, we let them rest for 5 minutes before doing the test. It is good that we do not get nervous, although sometimes it is difficult to disguise the doubts and fears of the moment.

If possible, it is better to perform the test with a glass of urine freshly picked and fasting. In case of doing it after eating or at night, we recommend repeating it the next day in the morning.

Like many other tests that appear on our website, it is about mixing a product that can be found in any house, with our own urine, to see the reaction of the pH of the same in contact with the product in question.


Urine pregnancy test accuracy
Join the two glasses, and we will pour the entire contents of the glass with chlorine into the glass with our urine.

Test results
NEGATIVE, I'm not pregnant

If the mixture barely produces any effect on the glass with urine. If you see a few bubbles, and the mix is ​​barely altered, it means that we are not in a state of good hope. We will simply have a delay and the period will come in the next few days.

POSITIVE, If I'm pregnant

If when pouring the chlorine content on the urine sample, this sample is agitated and the content rises until it almost overflows the glass, producing an abundant and opaque whitish foam. In this case the mixture has reacted, and we will have to do a pharmacy test or consult our doctor, to make sure we are not pregnant.

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