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This Is What Your Baby Actually Feels When You Do Sex During Pregnancy

This Is What Your Baby Actually Feels When You Do Sex During Pregnancy

The pregnancies come loaded with questions, especially if we are talking about the first one. Can I pet my cat? Is it true that cocoa butter prevents stretch marks? Can I paint my hair during pregnancy? Can I fly by plane? And the million dollar question, what does my baby feel when I am intimate?

Thanks to the advances of science we have been able to arrive at a conclusive answer for all these questions.

Your baby can feel when you are having sex, but not all times. Your baby is protected in your uterus and surrounded by what is known as amniotic fluid, this liquid serves, among other things, as a shock absorber and isolator of all movements that may be sudden (including those of sex). In turn, the uterus is protected by the cervix, which is a rigid structure.

At the moment of sex, the man's member can not reach the uterus where the baby is and you can stay calm because there is no way for this to bother your baby. However it is important to know that the only way for your baby to know that something is happening is when the woman reaches orgasm. This produces a minimal contraction in the uterus and can be minimally perceived by the baby, but in no way is it harmful or bad for your child.

And according to science, there are at least 5 benefits if you stay sexually active during pregnancy:

The orgasms help the pelvic muscles to strengthen, which will facilitate your labor and help these muscles recover faster after giving birth. "Once you've pushed the baby out, you'll be more able to regain tension in those muscles," says Jeanne Faulkner, a registered nurse in Portland.

These same muscles are those involved in urinating. Pregnancies create more need to urinate because of the pressure that is felt on the bladder, and sometimes when you laugh or sneeze you can not stop the urine. Sex helps these muscles strengthen and your accidents decrease.

This is what your baby actually feels when you do sex during pregnancy

According to the results of a Danish study, sex during pregnancy can prevent preeclampsia, which is hypertension induced in pregnancy. It is believed that a protein found in man's semen helps the body regulate the immune system.

Sex increases the production of Oxytocin in the body, causing an increase in the feeling of happiness, helping to reduce stress.

Sex also helps control blood pressure. The pressure is always low after having privacy, anyway it is important that if there are high pressure problems during pregnancy you go to the doctor immediately.

It is also important to keep in mind that sex during pregnancy has to be in positions that do not cause you pain or that make you uncomfortable, remember that your body is wise enough and you should listen to what you are trying to say, if something Do not feel "normal" or, better, stop.

As for the first questions, there is no problem in caressing your cat, you just have to stay away from your bunk, which is where the problem really is. There is also no problem in changing the hair color, you just have to be careful not to suck the gases that are produced when the chemicals are mixed (you must be careful with this even when you are not pregnant). There is no problem with air travel, just keep in mind the scheduled date for your delivery, be on a plane and start labor is not ideal. And the cocoa blanket does not prevent stretch marks.

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