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Smoke Odor Removal from House


Initially, the area should be cleared, ventilated and classified, immediately discarding objects that have been spoiled so that they do not release more soot during cleaning.

The first thing you should touch is all the elements of your home that are made of textile or porous material such as mattresses and sofas.

Smoke Odor Removal from House

1.To start dealing with the furniture or porous elements that absorb dirt, you must prepare a duster and a vacuum cleaner with its narrow nozzle finish, at the same time you pass the duster with movements only of soft sweep (not shaken) and with the vacuum cleaner to 5 centimeters you are collecting the excess dust, do the same with electronic devices. Necessarily you should let them air for a week.

After shaking, dry and airy (just a little blackish by soot), sprinkle some baking soda and cover for 48 hours with a large plastic such as those used to protect the floor when painting the walls.

The treatment recommended by experts is the VAPORETA, or steam machine for cleaning, and the recommendation is to add a cup of vinegar to the water charger.

2. For other products such as polished wood, metal chairs and glass that are easier to clean, just add a little vinegar to neutralize the smell, the usual cleaning bottle as Mr. Clean, Mr. Muscle and to pick it up do it with disposable napkins, use a cloth only when you think you are going to give the last pass.

Smoke Odor Removal from House

smoke odor removal from house


To wash the clothes that were saved from the fire and is simply full of soot, you should just shake very well first without rubbing and adding a cup of vinegar to the washing machine and get ready to give at least 3 washes to the clothes, you can add when you create just one more, a little VANISH or powdered detergents with active oxygen.

Grandmother will give us a brief description of the procedure to:


  • Try the tips initially in an inconspicuous area to check your resistance.
  • If it is a wide stay, consider calling a professional.
  • You must open windows to ventilate the room (preferably 2 hours before), the same during the process must have good ventilation.
  • Use gloves, because the product that we are going to recommend can irritate the hands.
  • Remove objects or ornaments (boxes, mirrors, etc.) to clear the work area.

Mix a cork or spoonful of sodium phosphate in a bucket with clean water; At this moment you will be asking what Sodium Phosphate is, for this the grandmother directly brings you the description of what it consists of:

Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a chemical that is used as a cleaning agent in addition to food additive; It is a powerful stain remover and degreaser, its color is white and comes in a granular (powder) and crystalline solid form and when mixed with water produces an alkaline solution that cuts dirt.

STEPS for Smoke Odor Removal from House

  1. Wet a sponge in the water, squeeze it so it does not run.
  2. Divide the wall into sections and start from the bottom up, as it is easier to clean the wall on the wet wall without marking it.
  3. Rinse the sponge in the tap and put it back clean in the bucket to repeat as many times as necessary.

NOTE FOR SMOKE ODOR REMOVAL FROM HOUSE: Initially make an inconspicuous part of the wall, divide by sections and do not suspend the work, if you do, the patches will probably be noticed.

We hope that the previous advice has been useful, this version is also applicable for cleaning the barbecue and other brick walls where there was a fire nearby and smoked the surface.

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