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Menstrual Cycle Calculator

Dear Women do you know Menstrual Cycle Calculator and how does it work?

The menstrual cycle is a biological process that occurs periodically during the fertile period of women, generally between 14 and 47 years, during which the body, activated by sexual hormones, prepares for a possible pregnancy.

The Menstrual Cycle Calculator begins on the first day of menstruation and ends the day before the start of the next menstruation. That is, one cycle day is the day that comes the period, thus counting the days go on, until it reaches the next period, with starting a new cycle.

A woman will have over your life about 500 menstrual cycles. The average menstrual cycle length is 25 to 35 days, although this varies from one woman to another and can also vary from one to another cycle in the same woman. The maximum variation of inter menstrual intervals usually occurs in the years following menarche and the preceding menopause, when anovulatory cycles are more common.

It is important that women know the structure of your MENSTRUAL CYCLE CALCULATOR, especially when you are trying to conceive, since any alteration may help detect early, if there is a problem.



The following chart shows the different hormonal and physiological changes that occur in the body of women during the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual phases

The menstrual cycle is divided from a view endocrine four phases; hemorrhagic phase, which appears menstrual bleeding, commonly called rule or period; the follicular phase, which is characterized by high concentrations.

Hemorrhagic phase:

With the first day of menstrual bleeding begins and hemorrhagic menstrual cycle phase. The menstrual fluid is partly blood and tissue of the outermost layer of the endometrial (lining of the uterus). It flows from the uterus through the small opening of the cervix and is expelled from the body through the vagina.

The average duration of menstruation is 5 (+/- 2) days. The average blood loss per cycle is 125 ml, generally more abundant on the 2nd day.


Follicular phase (pre-ovulatory):

Inside the ovary are follicles, a set of cells containing eggs and female hormones. Due to the action of follicle stimulating hormone or FSH, produced in the brain by the pituitary, the follicles begin to grow. In turn, they contain eggs mature parallel. This phase of follicular growth extends from the first day of the menstrual cycle until the day before the pre-ovulatory increase in LH (luteinizing hormone).
It is the most variable phase in duration, ie its duration can vary between each cycle in the same woman.

Ovulatory Phase:

Towards the end of the follicular phase, when one of the follicles (dominant follicle) has reached an appropriate size (18 to 24 mm in diameter), for reasons not entirely known,

Luteal Phase:

After ovulation begins the luteal phase, which is characterized by the appearance in the ovary where ovulation occurred very rich tissue cholesterol, yellowish, why is called the corpus luteum or corpus, and is which gives its name to this stage?

Now you may be clear about it Graph menstrual cycle and Menstrual Cycle Calculator. If you have questions or feedback then feel free to comments and our editorial will give you perfect answer and solutions.

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