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How to Remove Super Glue from Skin

I was hitting something and I got some super glue on my fingers. I want to remove the glue that has fallen on my skin, but I do not know how.

How to remove glue from the skin?

If you thought that typing was going to remove the glue from your fingers. You were wrong. But if you have come here looking for how to achieve it, then you have come to fruition; because we are going to teach you 2 home remedies to remove the glue from the skin:

How to remove glue from skin with acetone.

You will be able to dispose of this product easily. Acetone is a liquid that is used primarily to remove nail polish; but it is also very effective to remove glue from the skin: simply rub the glue directly and without cotton with acetone and start peeling. If the glue has stuck in a sensitive area such as lips, eyes and nose or near an open wound, we recommend not using this home remedy to remove glue from the skin.

How to remove glue from the skin without acetone

Take a nail file (or a sheet of sandpaper if you do not have a file) and rub the area where you have the glue with it. Little by little, it will take off from your skin. Do it little by little just in case, it is not going to be that you raise your own skin.

How To Remove Super Glue From Skin

Another option to remove the glue from your skin is to use a pumice stone in warm water. If it still costs you, you can soak the area with glue for a while using hot, soapy water to soften it, so that it is easier to remove the glue from the skin.

Whatever home remedy you choose (you can even combine them) remember to moisturize the area where you have removed the glue with cream.

Now tell us which one do you like the most

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