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How to Remove Feviquick from Skin

Feviquick, Super Glue, super bonder, super glue, crazy glue, extra glue, are just some names of glue for application surfaces by a drop; drop which in turn is very strong, very versatile, easy to apply and quick drying.

Don't worry we have got solutions for you how to remove feviquick from skin !
Because Feviquick  and Super Glue is very strong and fast, some people may find that they have accidentally stuck two fingers, lips, skin or that piece of the project is completely attached to their hand; Do not worry, because this strong glue has a great factory weakness and is called ACETONE.


How to remove feviquick from skin

Acetone is often found in the home in the nail varnish or varnish remover, and when two fingers are stuck together, removes by applying a small amount on a cotton swab which should be (soaked) over the joint. That "runs off" on her. You will see how the union dissolves without damaging the skin.


* If extra-strong glue falls on the skin, work immediately to remove it. If glue has fallen on a surface you must wait a moment for (not completely) to dry the mark. Keep in mind that a fresh brand will only spread more.
* Never pull on the skin when it sticks with super-glue; Keep calm.
* Be careful when trying to remove brands of extra strong glue from clothes, using acetone (there are several types of concentrations). Strong acetone can discolor a large number of fabrics and can damage the finish of laminates, for example that of countertops or kitchen counters in Formica.
* Acetone of medium concentration is recommended to remove the glue from the skin, do not forget to finish the procedure, wash with soap and water and apply hand cream to replenish the skin and eliminate any re-dryness due to the procedure.

Use acetone sparingly and cautiously with these tips in the following situations:

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