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How To Remove Chest Hair Permanently

The hair of the man is different from that of the woman; this one is much thicker, resistant and strong, a reason why it needs of specific treatments to be able to eradicate it without problems.

In the case of hair removal on the chest and back of men, there are many effective and non-painful options such as the traditional wax, which makes them see the stars precisely because of the characteristics of the hair. We bring you different alternatives so you can find the most comfortable and effective.

How to remove chest hair permanently

How to remove chest hair permanently

1. Hair removal treatment Laser or pulsed light

It is one of the most used and effective treatments for hair removal in the long term. The results begin to be seen after 6 months of treatment and after one year of laser use, body hair will have been reduced by more than 80%.

2. Hair removal with Electrolysis (the removal of hair roots or small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat using an electric current.)

The electrolysis is based on the application of a needle that discharges a small electric current in the hair follicle, it is a very effective method since it can eradicate up to 75% of unwanted hair.
The cons are that it is a method that takes a long time so it is often used in small areas, such as the face or armpits. As you continue with the shave, you will discover the ideal length, how fast the hair grows and how long it takes to give it the maintenance it requires.

3. Waxing with wax

It is the option for men who resist pain because it is a painful method that few endure. The hair takes to grow again about 30 days or more depending on the case. It is an economical and agile method.

4. Depilation with depilatory creams

The depilatory creams they do is cut the hair in a similar way to the razors, but not so effective because the male hair is very thick so it is likely that you need to pass the cream again a few days.
In the case of using these products, you have to perform an allergy test on the inside of the forearm by placing a little cream and wait 24 hours, if there was no alteration can be used without problems.
Shave chest hair

Decide what style you want. Shaving is the original and proven method to remove hair, but it is also possible to adjust its size. You can use a shaver to maintain it (or even to sculpt it) as it grows or uses a shaver and eliminate it completely.

As we are talking about how to remove chest hair permanently, I have some other suggestions too.

How to remove chest hair permanently

Temporary or permanent waxing

The first question that should be asked before choosing a hair removal method is whether you want to remove your hair temporarily or permanently. While there are a lot of hair removal techniques that keep your hair free for a good time, sometimes up to two months, there are only a couple of methods that result in semi-permanent and permanent removal of body hair. Maybe, simply, you want to see what it feels like to have a chest without hair

Temporary hair removal techniques

When it comes to hair removal methods, the playing fields are matched between genders in terms of time, expenses and gratification. Pharmacies sell a large number of depilatory creams. However, before applying them you should know that this is simply a form of chemical shaving. Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair to the surface of the skin, and because they are difficult to apply evenly, it will probably end up with the same effect as shaving. These products are very temporary, it is likely that your hair will grow as quickly as if you had shaved it.

Consider waxing instead. Do not be shy about it. Salon cosmologists are trained to address the concerns of their clients, and their desire to remove excess hair from their back, chest, shoulders or other area is no different from that of a woman who makes an appointment to a Brazilian hair removal. Hair removal works by applying a warm wax or gel of sugar to the skin, covering the follicles. Then a strip of cloth is applied and it is started quickly by removing the hair from the root. It is noted, however, that this procedure is somewhat painful. But the final results are worth it. Your skin will be softer and hair growth will be noticeably slower. The results last a maximum of two months. Also, your hair grows thinner because repeated hair removal destroys many of the hair follicles completely as you depilate. The cost of hair removal depends on the area of the body you want to depilate.

Semi-permanent and permanent hair removal methods

Laser hair removal is not a cheap method; it is hundreds of dollars per session with multiple treatments needed, as well as maintenance treatment once or twice a year. Laser hair removal works by heating the hair follicle and putting it in an inactive growth stage. If you opt for laser treatment, your experience may vary when it comes to results. You will notice that hair growth has reduced by 30 to 70% after three treatments. This can be an optimal plan if you simply want to have less hair on the chest, but most likely require additional methods of hair removal, such as wax or electrolysis to get rid of hair completely and permanently.

Now you knew how to remove chest hair permanently so you can try yourself or suggest to your buddy.

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