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How To Find If I Am Pregnant

There are some symptoms that pregnant women and can give you a slight idea if you are expecting a baby or not, however, all people are different and similarly the body of every woman is "only" so no all come to present the common symptoms of pregnancy; also when it comes to teen pregnancy, the situation may vary slightly. Of course, there are also methods that will help you determine or verify (if you will suspect already) if you are pregnant or not.

To begin, we will explain a bit some of the major symptoms that might present during the first months of pregnancy.



A sudden dislike of some foods or drinks

During pregnancy, the sudden hormonal change, especially the increase in estrogen levels can amplify the sense of smell and taste, causing some odours as might be the smell of coffee finish resulting repulsive for you. It is not uncommon to see someone pregnant start repudiating any food or drink that you previously liked; equally, it can happen the other way around, some pregnant women begin to enjoy food that previously rejected, they may even have cravings that would normally be rare in them.

Pay attention to this aspect, since it is one of the easiest to identify, after all, is very rare that your tastes change from night to morning.

Sudden changes in your mood

As in the previous case, sudden hormonal changes affect neurotransmitters women going through pregnancy, which can cause a sudden change in mood. How the mood of the mother is affected varies widely; some women are very enthusiastic, others, in turn, feel more depressed or out of energy. Some changes may be very obvious, even for the person who suffers; on the other hand, these changes may also be very mild and hence difficult to recognize.


Nausea during pregnancy is very common, in fact, are one of the favourite and pregnancy symptoms most associated with the same cravings; While the first way a woman realizes in a movie or series that are pregnant is almost always sudden nausea. Importantly, these usually appear after the first month of pregnancy, although some pregnant women have this symptom before completing the first month. There is also the case of women who do not get to experience nausea during pregnancy.

Increase the urge to urinate

It is possible that after being pregnant and during the first days of pregnancy even have the urge to urinate frequently. Some women may get to go almost twice as often to urinate. This is because the circulation of blood and other fluids in your body is increased and thus the bladder takes more work to casual. You must keep in mind that this symptom can be intensified as time passes, thus increasing fluid circulating in the body as the baby is forming in your womb and exerted increasing pressure on your bladder as it forms and grows.

Sudden Tiredness

It is not uncommon suddenly you feel more tired than usual; you might even be exhausted for no apparent reason. In the first instance this is possibly due to increased progesterone; Additional to increase this hormone must also add that nausea and continually get up during the night because of the need to urinate leave you with virtually no energy. Do not worry about this symptom after the first few months will, however, return and ending a pregnancy.

Still, you have a question that How to find if I am pregnant then here is the major symptom

Delayed menstruation

The delay in menstruation is something that usually occurs in the first month of pregnancy. It is one of the main symptoms and probably the symptom that detonates the alarm. It is a relatively reliable symptom, especially if you have a regular menstrual period; on the other hand, keep in mind that if you have an irregular cycle and a delay is common in you, it is very possible that other symptoms end up betraying your pregnancy before even notes have a delay in your period. You should also be aware that there is a possibility that the first month of pregnancy presents bleeding.

You can go to your gynaecologist for you to perform a test or you can also opt for one of those home pregnancy tests, which are not always accurate especially during the primes month of pregnancy. It is important that if you use a home pregnancy test and this negative mark, you try again later because it is possible that the test is wrong the first time, also, this way you will be safer and you will know if you are truly pregnant or not. On the other hand, you can also go from the beginning to the gynaecologist if you suspect pregnancy and thus confirm definitively.

Even with so many symptoms and evidence, time that can elapse before you know it you're pregnant can vary greatly. There are rare cases where women do not realize they were pregnant until giving birth. But, if you're a regular person, the more likely it is those afternoons between 1 and 2 months to suspect that you have a pregnancy, and finally check through a pregnancy test or a doctor's help.

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