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How to Deal With Roaches

The potent effect that has boric acid remedy how to deal with roaches are very simple; when ingested, it causes a blockage (deadly constipation) of the evacuation routes of the insect, which ends up exploding.

How to Deal With Roaches

When adding normal sugar, because of the size of the clod, they do not ingest it but they consume it "sucking", the former of course killing them but the idea is that with the powdered sugar, they eat the material directly and then at burst in the nest, the others do not resist the temptation to eat the sugar and for each one that dies, a nest can disappear, the same happens with the mixture wet with milk and sprinkled.

how to deal with roaches

If you have a patio or a place where you have been able to verify that they enter your house (which does not have nests), and sporadically you see some, an additional effective trick to the poison is to liquefy a whole cucumber with a shell included, then with a cloth gets wet in the "cucumber preparation" and passes it through the entrance places of the cockroaches, like under the doors, in the frames of the windows, etc. It does not kill them but drives them away since they do not like the smell of cucumber.

How to Deal With Roaches

When the heat starts, they increase their activity and they let themselves see a little more in the evening hours when suddenly we enter the kitchen and turn on the light. Also for many years we have been able to verify that they are very resistant and sometimes it seems to us that they get used to the poison that we buy in the supermarket, they dodge the hunting plates and there is always somewhere around. With the following trick (the most effective found to date), not only will eliminate the cockroaches you see, but it has an impressive residual effect that we will discuss at the end.

The procedure is very simple to deal with roaches and you will only need:
  • Boric acid.
  • Pastry or powdered sugar (in Spanish-America).
  • A few spoonfuls of milk.


Put in a bowl 1 large spoonful of boric acid and a spoonful of sugar and stir. Then add the milk little by little while stirring it to make a semi-solid paste with which you can make balls. Make several small balls the size of a chickpea and distribute them in the places where you think they can "live" the colonies of these annoying insects.

NOTE: At this point do not forget to put even in the outdoor areas where you think they enter your home, near plugs etc.

If you have pets, just put them in areas where they do not have access. Surely you will have seen boric acid as a remedy to kill cockroaches, but they all fail in the way to ensure the residual effect to continue killing better than many sprays on the market, to ensure its effectiveness, you can perform the procedure as follows:

Mixing only powdered sugar with boric acid and sprinkle little in the corners or places you choose; Now we will explain why the powdered sugar recommends Consejosdelimpieza.com, unlike the forums and web that refer to the normal sugar of the cupboard and why for the residual action we recommend not adding milk:

Hope you liked it, Let us know your comments, feedback and thoughts

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