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How to Clean the Remote Control - 2

How to Clean the Remote Control - 2

NOTE: It is important that after finishing the cleaning procedure of the remote control that we will describe next, you can immediately enter it in any of the options described in the previous point.
Prepare a little bit of alcohol

Prepare a little alcohol and swabs, moisten (without soaking) the cotton and go through the different areas of the control from top to bottom, concentrating on the walls of the buttons in their normal state.


How to Clean the Remote Control - 2

Do the same with the surface of the buttons and with the swab or swab, try to cover thoroughly all the edges of the design of your remote control.

For the rest of the case you can do it with a clean cloth moistened with a little alcohol.
Although it has a great disinfecting power and can be used very well, we do not recommend bleach because it can "erase" the manufacturer's numbers or brands. As you can see the procedure is as you expected, now after cleaning it, we put it in the protection we have chosen and its cleaning will only be moistening a cloth with a little bleach and passing, you can do it with a napkin every day if you have babies and every other day if you live alone.

How to Clean the Remote Control

As promised, the grandmother will tell us about another place in the hospitals and homes analyzed, which neither scientists expected or had taken into account and accidentally became the second most dirty household, in hotels almost a the height of the remote control and that is:
The push button or power button of the night lamps, usually located in the

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