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How to Remove Feviquick from Skin

How to Remove Feviquick from Skin

Feviquick is a very strong glue that can be difficult to remove from the skin. You can try removing it with various household products such as solvent or petroleum jelly. If you put Feviquick on a sensitive half, like your lips or eyelids, consult a doctor before making an attempt to get remove of it yourself. 

How to Remove Feviquick from Skin- Use household products 

Use soap. Wash your skin with warm water and soap. Several hot soapy water applications can remove Feviquick from the skin. You can use tap water and basic soap. Immerse the glued skin in a sink filled with hot, soapy water.

  • Try to detach the glue from your skin after soaking it.
  • If the glue does not come off the first time, it may be necessary to wash the area a few more times. It may take several attempts to remove Feviquick from the skin with warm water and soap.

How to Remove Feviquick from Skin

Try Vaseline. You may be able to remove the Feviquick from your skin by rubbing it with Vaseline. This product can also help reduce the damage done to your skin by Feviquick. If you do not have petrolatum, you can buy pharmacy. Some lip balms also contain it. If you have a lip balm on you, read the ingredient list to see if it contains petroleum jelly.

  1. Rub the affected skin gently with petroleum jelly for a few minutes.
  2. The glue should start from. Continue scrubbing until all the Feviquick has come off.
  3. When you are done, wash your hands with soap and water to remove glue residue and petroleum jelly.
  4. You can also use orange jelly. The acidity in oranges can help you eliminate glue.

How to Remove Feviquick.

Try vegetable oil. Apply oil to a cloth or piece of paper towel. Use the soaked rag to scrub the skin covered with glue. The Feviquick should begin to wash off after a few minutes.

  • If you do not have vegetable oil in the kitchen, you can use almond oil or baby oil.

Get WD-40. The WD-40 is a penetrating fat that can help you remove glue from your skin. If you have some on your hands, use it to try to remove it. Spread the WD-40 on a sheet of paper and squeeze it against your skin for a few minutes. Remove the paper towel and scrape to remove the glue.
You can also try a silicone cleaner.
How to Remove Feviquick.

Use hand cream. Apply some moisturizing hand cream to your skin. Any cream should do the trick. Rub the skin with the product until the glue starts to come off.

  • Like Vaseline, hand cream can rehydrate your skin, helping to prevent the damage caused by prolonged contact with Feviquick. If you tend to have dry skin, this method could be good for you.

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