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Man: What To Wear For Summer 2014

It’s time to say something about men’s fashion looks. Did you know there are

man with more specific fashion taste then the women. So we present a few

TIPS for what to wear in summer of 2014. The first thing-shirts only in one

colour, be sure not to mistake, just forget the graphic, text, slogans and

wear plain t-shirt for example totally black, totally white, totally pink

and so on.

Other modern piece this summer are the V-neck styles shirts. They look

amazing, a big slouchy, vintage looking, or you can do the polo neck tees.

So t-shirts looks great with anything, so it’s one less style headache to

worry about.

And the third tip, If you can’t tame your inner fashionista and insist on

doing prints, 2014 summer says 3 prints are in: tropical, plaid and stripes.

But we suggestion never to wear print t-shirt with pants like a ripped

jeans. It looks very crowded and not nice. Now see our collection and have a


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